The Jubilee Community

Jubilee-Affiliated Programs: Spiritual Formation, Soul Development & the Art of  Spiritual Direction

Jubilee programs are ecumenical, interfaith, embodied, justice-oriented programs in spiritual deepening, formation and spiritual direction, rooted in the Christian contemplative tradition. We are committed to offering programs through which participants may deepen their experience of spirited living and identify their gifts for spiritual guidance.

Jubilee welcomes people of all faith traditions as well as unaffiliated seekers. We celebrate that we live in an inter-spiritual age and a time of knowing the interconnectedness of all beings.

The Art of Spiritual Direction

All the enduring world traditions have some form of spiritual companionship, mentoring or accompaniment. The names are many, the forms vary but at its essence Spiritual Direction or SoulGuiding is the ancient and timeless practice of “holy listening”.

Holy listening is the art of being present to another soul—listening without judgment, without “fixing”, without advice giving…being the presence of unconditional love. Spiritual direction is a process of accompanying people on their spiritual journey and helping them grow closer to God (or the sacred, the holy, or a higher power). Spiritual direction helps people learn how to live in peace, with compassion, promoting justice, and as humble servants of that which lies beyond all names. Spiritual direction is a ministry—a diakonia—of hope.

Since 1988, Jubilee Programs have offered spacious, embodied and contemplative experience to people in many different professions and occupations and to laypersons and practitioners of many kinds of ministry.

Jubilee is comprised of three branches: Pacific, Prairie and Ontario. Each Jubilee Program calls on its own gifted facilitators and mentors to create, together with program participants, experiences that are rich in creativity and diversity and unique in what manifests.



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