Brian Pearson

Brian 4As a parish priest in the Anglican tradition, and trained in spiritual direction through the Ontario Jubilee program in the 1990’s, I am drawn to the deep movements of Soul, whether in an individual or in a community. It’s as if the Divine is always expressing itself in our midst, if only we are open to that Presence. Spiritual direction, for me, is a relationship committed to discerning the Divine within us, and to the actions that flow from that, connecting us to God in the world. Even those difficult passages—perhaps especially those difficult passages—afford a wonderful opportunity to explore our deepest callings and how those engage us with the world’s greatest needs. Some would call this the exploration of vocation. My own explorations of vocation have led me, among other things, to writing and music as necessary expressions of Soul.

I work with Archetypes (Archetypal Psychology); 12 Steps; Meditation; Christian, and I am open to other paths.

“Follow your bliss” ~ Joseph Campbell
(but also “Follow your wyrd”, Campbell’s earlier version of this familiar quotation)

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Brian is accepting new directees
8 Coach Gate Ct. SW
Calgary, Alberta
T3H 1Z6
Phone:  (403) 585-1105

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