Celia McBride

Celia McBride is a multi-disciplinary artist who is committed to contemplative living and Unitive Consciousness. She completed the Pacific Jubliee SoulGuiding program in 2013 and the Pacific Jubilee SoulMentoring program in 2015. Both programs rooted her in the deep practice of being a full-time spiritual companion rather than a part-time spiritual director. This work of full-time companioning includes the traditional modalities of one-to-one accompaniment and group work, such as the facilitation of spiritual retreats, while living into spontaneous opportunities to accompany others in daily life: at the grocery store, in the home, on the bus, in the airport or on the street. When people ask Celia what spiritual direction is, she usually replies, “Therapy for the soul.” Although the spiritual director is not a therapist, the soul, too, needs therapeutic treatment. Having been accompanied by a spiritual director since 2007, Celia understands first-hand that spiritual direction is soul-healing work, where the fullness of our humanity may be seen, touched and nurtured with growing compassion: “It’s enabled me to radically accept my human self, which has united me more and more to my Higher Self.” Celia uses the word “interspiritual” to describe her own salad-bar spirituality, which draws from numerous traditions, faiths and practices. “I’m a healer,” she says, “Which means I help others to heal through my own healing work.”

“The best thing you can offer someone is your presence.”
~Thich Nhat Hanh


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Celia is accepting new directees
Port Hope, Ontario
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(289) 829-1922
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