Cheryl Weber Good

Cheryl Weber GoodWhen I am listening, my intention is to stretch toward the tradition of the one I am listening to. I may not understand specific parts of their tradition, but as co-humans on the journey of life, there is much to have in common.

I offer a safe and supportive setting on my spacious farm to explore the inner journey through expressive arts workshops, retreats or spiritual companion sessions. I am  grateful for my spiritual director training with Ontario Jubilee.

You are not alone.

Find inspiration in art play, walks, talks or silence with an underlying deeper connection with Divine presence. Discover your own inner wisdom by being listened to without judgement.

Listening and/or art sessions are available.

“I cried, journaled, talked, prayed and painted my way through the lengthy journey of depression. Now, living on the other side of the dark valleys, I see value and purpose, even gifts and treasures. As I learn to live within my own skin with a little more acceptance of myself, I listen to others attentively, open to wherever the journey leads.” ~ Participant

cheryl weber“The lilies of the field began as buds. We are asked to trust that just as they had a glorious and safe unfolding, so will we”
~ Julia Cameron

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Cheryl is accepting new directees
New Hamburg, Ontario
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