Nils Hahn

Nils Hahn PJP spiritual director photo 20160110 ver2I have been accompanying people since 2014, when I started my spiritual direction training in the Pacific Jubilee SoulGuiding program. I completed SoulGuiding in 2015 and am a member of Spiritual Directors International.

My faith tradition is Christian. My congregational home is in the United Church, though I grew up within the Lutheran church, where I still worship from time to time. I consider myself broadly ecumenical: the Spirit blows where it will. I have encountered the Holy in places both obvious and unexpected—at a Catholic retreat centre, at a synagogue service, with surprise on the way to the grocery store, and around a boardroom table.

As with most people, I have a wide variety of roles, vocations, and avocations, which wax and wane with the seasons of life through which we all travel. Structural engineering is my workaday service to the world by which I earn my daily bread. In my church I periodically facilitate small groups and provide occasional worship leadership. I am a son, brother, husband, and the father of two school-age children.

My own spiritual practice includes regular scripture reading, poetry, art, journaling, prayer, silence, walking among trees or down back alleys, sipping tea while petting the cat, and mindfully washing the dishes. Music—making a joyful noise unto the Lord—is also an important part of my life.

It is from the basis of my training, tradition, callings, life experiences, and practice that I approach spiritual direction and create the spaciousness for you, the directee, to speak what you are needing to voice. I accompany primarily by deep, open listening and being attentive to what is shimmering and percolating in the moment and over time. Together we tune our hearts and ears to hearing whatsoever things are true within you. I guide by reflecting your words back to you and by occasionally asking gentle questions. Through this we seek to discern where God, the Divine, the essence of your own inner knowing and ground of being may be leading you.

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