Pacific Jubilee Retreat ~ Pathways into Living a Contemplative Life

September 21-24, 2017

With Margie Savigny and Tim Scorer
at the Rivendell Retreat Center on Bowen Island, BC

Your Invitation

Come away from whatever is taking your time and attention. Discover the stillness of the hilltop Rivendell Retreat Centre on Bowen Island. Join a three-day sacred community of pilgrims on a contemplative path, making space to remember who you are and to touch again what you Love.

This Retreat

~ Sacred place for intentional renewal of spirit
~ Silence that opens to the Oneness of all things
~ Community to witness aliveness in all things
~ Time & space for renewal of body, mind, and heart
~ Freedom from distractions to tend what matters most
~ Wonder at the gracious gift of community
~ Seeing again the essence of who we are

Our Contemplative Practices

~ Share meals and deepen friendship
~ Embrace sanctuary and Silence
~ Center in prayer and meditation
~ Enliven spirit in Creation’s wonder
~ Walk together the Labyrinth path
~ Feel Spirit alive in written word
~ Make space for music and chant
~ Engage body with heart and head
~ Listen attentively in small groups
~ Explore inner life through visual image

Cost & Travel

The cost covers three night’s accommodation and meals. We invite you to contribute from your own means on a sliding scale from $350 to $450. We want to make this event accessible to all who would like to attend. To discuss payment that will work for you and to register email Tim or Margie or phone 604-877-1567.

You may travel by car or bus to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal & take the ferry across to Bowen Island. Rivendell Retreat Centre is a 10 minute drive when you get off the ferry.

DownloadPathways into Living a Contemplative Life” Brochure here

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