Remembering My Silent Retreat

By Bob Dueck

Bob-Cabin.jpgA few years ago, in winter, I took a solitary four-day retreat where I had the sole use of a small cabin at a retreat centre. Prior to the retreat, I had talked to my spiritual director and she suggested dividing each day into three parts, each focusing on a different centre: Head Centre in the morning with contemplation and study, Gut/Body Centre in the afternoon with something physical, and Heart Centre in the evening with art or music.

I took this to heart and planned a hugely ambitious schedule, filling up every day with practices for Head, Body, and Heart. I arrived on the first day, exhausted by a head cold. After unpacking and having lunch, I promptly fell on the couch and had a long nap. My highly planned schedule went out the window almost immediately and in a day or so I settled into a rhythm that did involve time for each of the centres, but in a way that was much more responsive to the present moment.

I found a Henri Nouwen book in the cabin (“In the Name of Jesus”) that formed the basis for my morning contemplation and study. One message from this book was that God is a God of the present – listen deeply to what your life is now and you will know what to do in the future. A second message is that in the spiritual life, there is nothing to accomplish – each day has its own being and you just have to live it.

I fed my senses by listening to the wind, walking outdoors, and taking photographs. It was cold and windy, but bright, and I was dressed warmly when I was outdoors, so it felt safe to participate in a very exposed outdoor venture by myself.

In the evenings, I painted and drew, sometimes listened to music and had a daily sitting meditation.

I felt as though God had watched my feverish preparations and smiled. God gently took all my prepared notes and set them aside and said, “Relax. Let’s just spend a little time together.”

PJP Bob img_4025-0Bob Dueck is a teacher and spiritual director who has studied the Enneagram extensively under the guidance of Carol Ann Gotch and David Walsh. He is a graduate of the Prairie Jubilee Program and the Enntrain Advanced Enneagram Training Workshops. Bob brings to the world a curiosity about all aspects of life and creation, bridging the gap between the sciences and the humanities.


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