The Theology and Practice of Mentoring – New Date

leadershiftHow is it that a few special people have come alongside you at certain times in your life and provided just the assurance, inspiration, and guidance you needed in those moments? When have you, either formally or informally, provided mentorship for someone?

While respecting the mystery of this relationship, we will look at skills and practices that can make us ever more effective as mentors; embrace key themes of mentoring in our worship; and look at a biblical friendship through the frame of mentoring. We will see how personal authority and spiritual grounding form an essential foundation for effective mentoring.

This event is for retired or active ministry personnel and for lay folks who have an awakening sense of this call to be a mentor. If you are already an experienced mentor, come and use this event to sharpen and deepen your practice.

Facilitators Mardi and Tim have walked parallel and sometimes shared paths of experiential teaching and facilitative leadership in the United Church for over four decades. They come now to a deep appreciation of the place of mentoring in their lives in communities of many kinds. While offering ongoing consultative leadership in many places, they both have key facilitator/mentor responsibilities in two programs: Mardi with Parker Palmer and others in the Center for Courage and Renewal, and Tim with the Pacific Jubilee Program in Spiritual Direction. Rev Alan Claassen will provide musical leadership.

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Date and Time:  3 pm Tuesday, February 6 to 1 pm Thursday, February 8, 2018
Location:  Loon Lake Lodge and Retreat Center, Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Registration:  Call 1–800–934–0434 extension 308 or register here.
Cost:  $275, includes room and board

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